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Q: Is our website free?
Answer: Yes it is free and we allow users to embed content which is freely available and posted by people online on Google and Bing serach engines.

Q: We can't you remove ads they are annoying and it tells me to download app/extension/downloader/streamer on my phone/computer?
Answer: Do not download anything or install as they are provided by ads companies.A popup opens in new window which is harmless you simply close it and watch your movie.Remember you are here to watch movie not download softwares/ads or to pay for anything.

Q: Does your website provide movie download for free?
Answer: Yes,If Download is available in Google public free searches you will see a white download button when watching video embed next to report button posted by public users.

Q: What is usual link in url bar?
Answer: Normally it starts with website name and within that we have or

Q: Why openload shows DMCA error and not play video?
Answer: If you don't see video and instead see a copyright message click on openload server again and it will auto embed from and you should be able to play your video.if you still see error than wait few minutes and try again.

Q: Where can i login and add my favorite movies in list?
Answer: Member area is currently under development and will be open soon.Existing users will be able to login with old credentials.

Q: Do you respond to DMCA takedown?Do you remove URLs reported if it infringes copyright?
Answer: Yes we respond to DMCA notice and comply if applicable.We do not monitor what users post however if we receive report that something is posted and a legit copyright claim is made we respond and takedown within hours.

Q: I have a legal question on information your website provides?
Answer: For information on US copyright law and fair use, check out the following materials USA Law, Fair use, Fair use DMCA, For European Union countries, please see: Euro Law on embeds.

Q: Does your website store information and videos on it's servers?
Answer: NO! doesn't store anything on it's server,all information is provided by non-affilated 3rd parties through public free sources like Google searches,Bing etc.

Q: I still have a question?
If you have questions about our Terms and Policy please read this here. For DMCA policy read this. Please use the following form to submit your request or question. Contact Us